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Selected Reprints and Preprints

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  1. Griffin, A chapter on water rate design, draft, pub'd 2015
  2. Ghimire&Griffin, Variable Irrigation District Action in Reallocation", JAWRA, 2014
  3. Ghimire&Griffin, Water transfers in and out of irrigation districts, AJAE, 2014
  4. Griffin, a history of water economics, Annual Reviews, 2012
  5. Griffin, How can we get irrigation districts to market?, NRJ, 2012
  6. Griffin&Kelly, a light article on irrigation districts (CO river basin), The Water Report, 2012
  7. Griffin&Mjelde, Do increasing block rates have ANY redeeming features?, Ecol.Econ., 2011
  8. Bell&Griffin, Urban Water Demand with Periodic Error Correction, Land, 2011
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  10. Bell&Griffin, An Annual Quasidifference Approach to Water Price Elasticity, WRR, 2008
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  12. Characklis/Griffin/Bedient, A fuller examination of salinity assessment, JARE, 2005
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Requested Reports

  1. Bell&Griffin, An Econometric Investigation of Urban Water Demand in the US, 2008
  2. Bell&Griffin, Community Water Demand in TX as a Century is Turned, 2006
  3. Griffin&Mjelde, Valuing and Managing Water Supply Reliability, 1997
  4. Collinge/Emerson/Griffin/McCarl/Merrifield, What economists recommend for the Edwards aquifer, 1993
  5. Griffin&Chang, Community Water Demand in Texas report, 1989
  6. Harper&Griffin, Regional Management of Water Resources: River Authorities in Texas, 1988
  7. Griffin/Perry/McCauley, Water Use & Management in the Texas Rice Belt Region, 1984

Presented Papers

  1. Griffin, "Beyond Water Marketing Myths": for a European panel presentation, 2008
  2. Bell&Griffin, "Determinants of Demand for Water Used in Texas Communities" : a presented paper on demand estimation, 2005
  3. Griffin, "Pricing Water As If All Resources Matter" : a presentation about water pricing, 2000