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Current Texas A&M Courses

  • Water Resource Economics (interdisciplinary audience, M.S. mainly) - perhaps each Fall: AgEc 606
  • Applied Welfare Economics (Ph.D.) - each Fall: AgEc 636
  • Frontiers (Ph.D. Water Segment) - alternating Springs: AgEc 677

Other Products

  • Dr. Griffin's biogsy contains a linked vita that lists selected publications.
  • Obtain selected research reports, journal reprints, & presentations authored by Dr. Griffin using the PDF tab above!

2006: MIT Press announcement of Ron's book:
Water Resource Economics: The Analysis of Scarcity, Policies, and Projects

The book's website provides supporting materials.

2010: Now entering it's Second Printing!

2011: Now freely readable online at some libraries
(like here at Texas A&M).

2011: Earthscan/RFF announcement of the book: Water Policy in Texas: Responding to the Rise of Scarcity

2014: Now freely readable online at some libraries
(here at Texas A&M).

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